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FEEL BETTER In 20 Minutes: EFT 2nd Edition
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As with any life change, always be responsible for your own emotional & physical well-being
and consult your
Health Care Professional. Thank you!

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Maureen King: Life Coaching
MA, BA, PPS, Certified EFT Practitioner,
Certificated Teacher/School Counselor since 1985
Dust off those New Year's Resolutions...
Remember, "I CAN Be A Better Me!"

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Maureen King Life Coaching
Extensive FREE On-line video library coming soon

I have decided to make this an entirely FREE site.
I am choosing not to sell any products or services. Please, feel free to check out the many resources I have made available to you on both this site and my YouTube Channel.

  I developed a 2 DVD set called: Tap Into Learning with Mrs. King for the 2010 CASC Conference. The set was specifically designed for School Counselors and other Educators but the techniques can easily be used at home.
Rather than sell the sets, I am posting the info online.
All of videos from the 1st DVD are now available for FREE on YouTube in a Playlist I created!
I have posted some of the videos from the 2nd DVD to YouTube and will be posting more of them for home or school use.

By watching any of my videos, and/or practicing the techniques I present,
you agree to take
Full Responsibility for your Own Emotional & Physical Wellbeing.

You further agree to see a Professional when necessary.

Presenter: Oct. 2010 AND 2018 Annual CASC Conferences 
(California Association of School Counselors)

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I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much!

I am NOT a health care provider and do NOT diagnose, or treat, any medical or emotional conditions. I simply shares techniques that have helped me and others with many issues. As with any life change, always be responsible for your own emotional & physical well-being and consult your Health Care Provider. Thank you!
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